Who We Are

From our family to yours - Family Tea is a brand of SCH Foods, and we are an American owned and operated business.  As the name would indicate, we are a family run business and we are truly dedicated to only produce products for your family that we would use give to our own.  

SCH Foods is dedicated to providing only the best possible products that are as fresh and as natural as they can be.  Too many products are complicated and have lists of ingredients that we don't want our family to use and we know there are better and more healthier ways.

Our Products

You won't find weird chemical names in our product ingredient lists.  We use organic when and where we can, even where we can't use the Organic label for the end product.  All our products are fresh and produced for limited inventory rather than long run convenience.  This means when you get our Family Tea or other products as they come along, they haven't been sitting on a shelf losing strength and growing old.  We want you to have the best experience possible with every product that we produce.

Our Mission

Like you, we have our passions and as a family, we love child adoption.  Throughout our extended family, there are dozens of adopted children and we have several more adoptions in the immediate future.  

But there are a lot of prospective parents who don't have the resources to adopt, and that's where we come in.  We know there are many very worthy loving families that simply cannot afford the cost of child adoption and they need help.  Which is why SCH Foods pledges 10% of our profits to go directly to families who have been vetted and need sponsorship.  

When you buy a Family Tea product, EVERY partnership dollar goes directly to offset fees that adoptive parents would have to pay in order to adopt, meaning that parents and children benefit, not salaries and bonuses of staff.  

Where We Are

Family Tea is a Division of SCH Foods, and we are located just outside of Charlotte NC, USA.  

Contact Us

You may contact Family Tea at:  contact@tea.family  Someone will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity, and usually within 1 business day.