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Digestive Support Tea - No matter when your gut is upset, it lets you know pretty quickly and it can be very unpleasant.  And when our digestive systems are not working well, everything else seems to fall apart as well.  

Pills, liquid emulsions of unknown ingredients, and pharmaceutical products are not what nature intended for us to consume, and often they do nothing more than cover up symptoms.  They don't address underlying issues, and they certainly aren't natural.  

Most gut issues start as small problems, but the thing about your gut is that given a chance, it can heal very quickly.  Did you know that your entire stomach lining can be replaced in a week?  But for this to happen, it needs the right environment.  

We at Family Tea have done a tremendous amount of research to find a combination of naturally herbs and spices [what our body knows how to process] that are well known to assist in calming gut issues and helping to create an environment where you gut heals itself.  

    As a side benefit - we made it delicious!  

    We don't pretend this is a miracle or suggest that this gives anyone a license to abuse their gut.  But when things get out of control, Digestive Support Tea can help give some immediate relief and help set you back on the right track.  But look out.  It might just become your favorite go-to tea.

    And we want you to know exactly what's in it.  Our ingredient list is as follow:

    • Allspice [Organic]
    • Black Tea [Organic]
    • Calendula [Organic]
    • Cinnamon [Organic]
    • Cloves [Organic]
    • Comfrey [Organic]
    • Cornflower [Organic]
    • Cumin Seed [Organic]
    • Fennel Seed [Organic]
    • Ginger [Organic]
    • Lemon Balm [Organic]
    • Licorice [Organic]
    • African Mango Seed Extract [Organic]
    • Mint [Organic]
    • Peppercorns [Organic]
    • Yarrow Flower [Organic]
    • Green Tea Extract [Made from Organic Green Tea]

    Directions on Digestive Support Tea are as follows:  

    1 rounded teaspoon per cup.  Let steep 10 minutes for maximum effect [rewarm before drinking if desired].  Recommended intake is 3-4 cups per day.

    Note:  Not to be taken by those who are pregnant or nursing.  This product is untested and no information is available about safety in pregnancy.  Talk to your doctor to determine if any of the ingredients could pose a risk to medications that you are currently taking.

    Contains a small amount of caffeine.  

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