Earl Grey Classique Tea Decaffeinated [Premium Grade Black Tea]

Earl Grey Classique Tea Decaffeinated [Premium Grade Black Tea]




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Earl Grey Classique Tea [decaffeinated] is simply our decaffeinated version of our famous Earl Grey Classique Tea from Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) paired beautifully with the classic Bergamot flavor.  For those who love the flavor of Earl Grey but want to avoid the caffeine, this is the perfect choice.  

Earl Grey Classique Tea [decaffeinated] is great on its own, but lends itself to a very wide variety of drinking choices.  Some prefer an additional splash of milk or cream, or consider just a touch of honey, sugar or sweetener.  


1 tsp per cup 

  • First Steep 3-5 minutes
  • Second Steep 4-6 minutes
  • Third steep 6-8 minutes

212° F/100° C

Ingredients:  black tea, blue cornflowers, orange peels, natural bergamot flavor

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