Milk - Tea Frother Handheld Electric Whisk




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Vendor: Family Tea



This frother has many purposes, but is designed for frothing hot liquids such as milk, hot chocolate, tea, and for whipping coconut oil into coffee or even beating an egg with virtually no clean-up or mess.  So far we have been using ours daily for over 2 years and the batteries get replaced about once a year.  

Safety - you can stop the wire whisk with your fingers and if anything, it tickles a bit.  There are no sharp edges.  That said, it's not a child's toy or a hair curler either.  In fact it's possible that it could yank a hair enough to hurt.  So as mom used to say, "just behave already".

Ours sits between the coffee and tea pots and is used to froth milk and to add a little extra froth to matcha tea, as well as to create a bulletproof coffee every day.  Yes, we drink coffee too.  ;) 

Requires two AA batteries, not included.  Only submerse the wire end and never put in the dishwasher.