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Check out the all new COLD BREW option below!  Family-size bags make up a quart of tea per bag in three easy steps found below:

    Peach Green Tea is an adult and kid favorite!    And Family Tea puts nearly 50% more tea in our bags than other companies to give you better peach tea flavor.

    Peach Green Tea [Green Tea] is one of our top sellers at farm markets because of its fresh intense flavors and aroma.  It  is the ultimate peach experience in green tea.  Hand selected from super-premium tea leaves, each leaf is hand-picked and selected for its superior qualities, and then blended with the right ingredients and methods by our tea-master to produce the highest quality cup that money can buy.

    Delicate Chinese Young Hyson Green Tea flavored with sweet peach results in a sweet, refreshing, Asian delight. Excellent either hot or iced.

    If you prefer a Peach Oolong Tea, click here.


    1 tsp per cup  [195° F/91° C]

    • First Steep 3-5 minutes
    • Second Steep 4-6 minutes
    • Third steep 6-8 minutes

    Cold Brew family-size 1 bag per quart

    • Place bag in pitcher of cold water
    • Put in fridge overnight or for 8-12 hours
    • Remove bags and sweeten to taste

    Ingredients:  green tea, peaches, apricots, sunflower petals, natural peach flavoring

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